In a dynamic US Healthcare environment where value, quality, and cost management are key strategic priorities for access decision makers, focus on value evidence and outcomes has increased significantly. Mechanisms are being put in place to drive quality of care, improved patient centric and economic outcomes at the population health level. This requires individuals to focus on outcomes based value conversations with traditional public (Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran Administration, and Department of Defence, etc.) and private (regional and national health plans) payers, in addition to emerging access decision makers such as Provider Networks, Integrated Delivery Networks, Accountable Care Organizations, Patient Center Medical Homes, Pathways organizations, Oncology Care Models, etc. The intent of this course is to better understand changes in the US Healthcare system, understand the scope and perspectives as well as their outcomes evidence needs. This session will facilitate the increased level of competency needed to adapt the communication of outcomes evidence to various access decision makers and enhance evidence driven access decision making.