PURPOSE: This workshop will examine the landscape of digital health. Discussion leaders will describe methods used to evaluate digital health in clinical studies and evidence synthesis, including evaluating clinical effectiveness, usability by patients, fit with clinical workflow, and issues of patient privacy and data security. Discussion leaders will engage participants in conversation about how to design studies that can help fill the evidence gaps and what information and incentives are needed to bring effective digital health interventions to patients.

DESCRIPTION: The number of digital health applications is rapidly growing, with many different apps available to coach patients in wellness behaviors, remind patients to take medication, monitor patient vital signs and movement, and communicate health information back to physicians. Penny Mohr will describe PCORI’s portfolio to evaluate these apps in clinical studies. Karen Schoelles, Murray Aitken and Elise Berliner will describe recent reviews of digital health effectiveness, the growing body of evidence related to digital health and where there are evidence gaps. Participants will have the opportunity to provide perspective on what are the important metrics to evaluate these apps and what is needed to provide help for patients, providers and payers to choose which of the different apps to adopt. This interactive workshop will be valuable for app developers, and all stakeholders who are thinking about adopting and implementing apps in clinical practice.